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2 years ago

Adult LinksHit - Free Porn Video Tube Category Preview

This is a true story that happened a few years. My wife Tina and I went for a weekend with linkshit another couple, Mick and Laura. On Saturday night we were at the hotel for a meal and drinks. Tina is a 5'4 "blond (size 10) wore black stockings and suspenders, black thong and bra, black cocktail dress and linkshit high heel mules. She looked stunning. All were flirting all night and decided around midnight to drink back to our room. Mick and Tina sat on the bed while his wife Laura and I sat in a chair ( her on my knee) rubs. Mick leg was sweet Tina, looking out the corner of my eye. comes after several whiskeys of the conversation, having sex with Mick and I discussed a joke about the woman had the best breasts. to settle the argument, we asked the girls to show us. Tina took her shoulders, while her dress Laura began to show their bras. he said he could not say so, after much persuasion, they put in their bras. Mick and I enjoyed the view, before she put her clothes back on. After one hour, Laura said she was tired and wanted to return to your room. Mick asked if it was OK to stay for a while as it had begun, a drink, which she said she linkshit did not care. I linkshit offered to accompany Laura on her back room. There, we kissed passionately, and both had a good feeling before going back into the other room. When I returned Mick and Tina were sitting on the bed. Mick said Tina had great tits, and he had another side, the better. Tina was a little nervous, but he said it was fine. She took back her shoulders and her dress off her bra. Mick looked for a while, then leaned forward and optimizes your nipple. I told Tina that can also dress it up and let it fall to the ground. She was in just his black stockings, garters, thong and mules. Mick said he was absolutely gorgeous, like Tina linkshit sat on the bed, againstthe header. I sat in the chair to watch. After a few seconds, he suggested that the best thing they take from her thong. She raised her legs and pretended to Mick and I had a great view of her pussy. Mick then slid out of bed and started kissing Tina, before falling off and suck on her tits. He did this for a while before Tina asks him to remove his pants. Then suck on her breasts done. He rubbed his penis through his underwear before the release to light. At this time Mick had placed order linkshit lick Tina 's linkshit pussy while I masturbate slowly. Mick licked long before Tina was on her knees and began to suck his cock wanking furiously as he did. Mick asked if he could catch her, but she said no, why not use condoms with us. When he was about to cum straddled him on the bed and forced his cock in her leg and rubbed his half hard. He shot linkshit a big load of semen in the era of storage and Tina came when he began toEring it. After a few minutes, they kissed and then Mick got up, dressed and went to his room. Tina and I screwed for the rest of the night! The next day, Tina in their ever (so far) inlaid with black stockings cum comes with a black short skirt wearing all day linkshit for the trip home. Mick obviously knew and could not take his eyes away! Apparently, the links have been there, but they are for other stories !

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